Thursday, 1 December 2011


Recently, I received a beautifully packaged book from Mark Cropper, chairman of James Cropper Speciality Paper.

The book is entitled Pulp-Paper and was launched in the summer of 2010. The book is the result of a question: "Can we see how your paper is made?" It is a joint project between James Cropper Speciality Paper, GF Smith, Generation Press and design studio KentLyons.

Over 128 pages, the authors explain how James Cropper makes some of the papers contained in the book. There are also ruminations on the joy of paper from a range of design folk, including Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review and Nat Hunter of Airside.

Further reading:

James Cropper in Monocle Issue 42, April 2011 (links to PDF which includes breakdown of paper making process)

James Cropper Plc - the development of a modern paper manufacturer by Duncan Hutt in The North West Mills Group Newsletter 45 (1995)