Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Over the bank holiday weekend we headed out of town to Kent for many a pint of Harveys and plenty of fresh air. Amidst the relaxation, some time was made for retail exploration and we reacquainted ourselves with labyrinthine kitchenware shop Trevor Mottram of Tunbridge Wells. The shop is worth the train fare to the spa town alone and sells an extraordinary array of quality items.

Among the tempting pots, pans and Cornish red tea mugs we found these irresistible candles from Price's. At first glance it would appear they are from Bedford but, upon closer inspection, they are a product of Italy. It turns out that the history of the company is rich in detail and theirs is a tale of adapting with the times yet remaining true to the traditions of the brand. Admirable stuff.

Address book:

Trevor Mottram Kitchen Shop, 33-41 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells (01892 538915)