Friday, 27 January 2012


"The drive is passion. And pride. When you take all the heritage that you were born with - it's in your blood - and you carry it on, that's the driving force. But if you haven't got the respect and love for the garment and the tweed - to nurture and put it all together - then you ain't going to go anywhere. I think that has died in a lot of companies in Ireland, and England, and the world over. That's what has died.

"I think if small and medium-sized companies - who have had that in the past can relight that, ignite it again and get that drive and passion, and pride, then there is a great vacuum there in the world today for great products that come with that pride. But the passion will be seen in the finished product. There is a market there for it. I think it can be re-established, and employment can go on the up-scale, if we can instill that in the minds of people again."

John Joseph Hanna (of Hanna Hats) from Donegal Town in Ireland, in Conversations on the Coast by Nick Hand.