Sunday, 16 January 2011


We received some very welcome post yesterday in the form of an envelope containing the new issue of Old Town's Evening Star newspaper. The editorial is both witty and informative - a rarity in these days of plenty it seems. After spending twenty minutes flicking through it last night our highlights include; Mystic Reg (he's seen the future, and it includes clothing featuring pylons and bi-planes), the return of Cooper (the heavyweight font is the 'new Gill Sans') and a feature on The Brilliant Sign Co.

One thing that really struck a chord was the adverts - each one having its own appeal. Maybe its down to the vision of Old Town's creators that this is the case - they know their audience so well that they can be confident of the other brands they promote.

If you would like a copy of the Evening Star then please do get in touch via the Manufacture & Industry Facebook page. True to form, they sent us a couple of extra copies. First come, first served. Thank you to Marie and Will of Old Town.