Monday, 20 December 2010


Over the last few months M&I has had several conversations with people involved in UK manufacturing - from heads of trade bodies to factory owners to designers. Time and again the same issue arises; if the UK is to play a strong role in the global economy then more support is needed from the government.

'For small, medium and large enterprises, there has been little reform to boost manufacturing, training and growth in the UK since the General Election,' Ian Williamson of The Midland Manufacturing Group, told The Kenilworth Weekly News.

'There has also been a significant trend regarding the sale of our larger companies to overseas competitors. The UK is now reliant on them for ensuring the research and development of high-value, high-skill jobs remain in the UK.'

'If we lose our manufacturing base we are never going to get it back,' warned Williamson. 'The West Midlands is the heartland of our manufacturing and we need trading conditions to allow it to prosper.'

The Midland Manufacturing Group includes industrialists and professional bodies and is seeking to reverse the trend of job losses in the area. Members include Automotive Products in Leamington, and Arden Products, Clarke Clulley and Norgren Martiner in Kenilworth, as well as the region’s automotive industry.

Williamson also told The Kenilworth Weekly News that he is in talks about holding a debate on reform needed in Midlands manufacturing in early 2011 - we look forward to hearing more about this.

Illustration of Mini & 1100 engine from Austin Memories