Sunday, 26 December 2010


A recent article in This England magazine (a title firmly rooted in nostalgia and unashamedly so) focusses on Cussons, the soap manufacturer beloved by middle England housewives for its Imperial Leather bars.

This then led us to looking further in to the history of Cussons' presence in the UK. Sadly the old premises (in Kersal, Salford) were demolished earlier this year but the company has replaced this with a state of the art (read bland/soulless from the exterior) building in nearby Agecroft, according to the Salford Star. The new factory and innovation centre is Cussons' only remaining manufacturing premises in the UK, the company having had a presence in Nottingham until 2005.

Image of Cussons' soap factory from Stephen Broadhurst on flickr
Cussons' Lather Shave Cream advert from Paul Carrington on flickr