Sunday, 17 January 2010


Back in December 2009 we had the good fortune to visit Old Town, a clothing retailer based in the quiet market town of Holt in Norfolk.

During our brief visit we talked to shop-owner Marie about branding, ink stamps, Alexis Petridis' recent piece in the Guardian Weekend, manufacturing processes and the ridiculousness of certain brands attempts to create 'history'.

Old Town's clothing is truly made in England. Marie told us that they source a great deal of their cloth from a mill in Burnley, Lancashire. Garments are cut in the workshop above the store.

The visual merchandising of Old Town sits firmly on the right side of the fine line between twee and authentic. The ordering system, whereby you select your fabric from a swatch book and the garment is produced within four weeks, is a charming way to ensure that no deadstock is produced.

We left with a pair of grey stovepipes in stout twill (fortunately they had a pair in stock that fitted perfectly) and hopes of returning in the future.

(Also of note is Old Town's homegrown publication, The Evening Star)

49 Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HP
01623 710001

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