Tuesday, 10 November 2009


(Fig 1. Front cover of a 1928 Lea & Perrins cookbook)

According to a couple of British newspapers, the original Lea & Perrins recipe was found in a skip.

Brian Keogh, an accountant for the Worcester sauce manufacturer, discovered the encoded handwritten notes in two leather bound folios twenty years ago, The Express states.

Following Keogh's death, his daughter retained the notes, amongst other documents he had collected. The recipe is now to be put on display at Worcester City Museum.

The museum is analysing the handwriting to check that the recipe is authentic. 'Not even the staff knew the recipe, only parts of it, which would account for the different handwriting,' David Nash, collections officer, told The Sun.

(Fig 2. Conveyor belt for crates at Lea & Perrins factory)
Images from www.worcestercitymuseums.org.uk